The rise of the fad of kale

We can all benefit to be honest! That being said, having lots and lots of green juices and kale salads where it is served raw rather than cooked can be too much for someone who may already have thyroid issues. Kale has become more than simple salad fodder but an edible accessory for those daring enough to pay five dollars a pound for the stuff.

The kale phenomenon goes beyond the simple health aspect. From smoothies to sweatshirtsthe health set have gone kale crazy, but for good reason? Let us know below or tweet us GetTheGloss.

Well, you get the idea. Are there any other health drawbacks to consuming kale?

Fad vs Fact: Kale

Retailers have engineered every imaginable way to make kale appealing to the birkenstock-wearing, hemp clothes-sporting masses—from probiotic kale chips to kale smoothies that eliminate free radicals. But how did all happen and how did kale rise in popularity so rapidly.

Kale is one of the foods that can have goitrogenic effects that means it can disrupt thyroid functioning, but this is only in its raw state and when consumed in very large quantities.

Today we see kale finding a home on restaurant menus from fast-casual to white table cloth and even continuing to have popular appeal to home cooks. Lightly steamed through some sweet potato and a tahini dressing is nice or stir fried with garlic and chilli in coconut oil is delicious too.

It is unlikely to interfere with the thyroid if you are a healthy person and are consuming average amounts. Since it also contains high levels of beta-carotene, this provides a potent antioxidant source that helps to reduce oxidative stress.

Written by Melinda Goodman. The food fad mill is increasingly volatile and it is your duty as the consumer to weed out the myths. Kale chips are also a bit of a fave! I decided to take a look at Google Trends and see if kale was still king or the new court jester.

Like any trending product, it will either find a baseline of normal or gradually fade back into obscurity having made a blip as a fad, but never having experienced a breakthrough moment. Furthermore the antioxidant compounds in kale are entirely necessary for most of us that are faced with daily factors that can increase oxidative stress so it is essential to counterbalance these through the diet, and kale can be a great option.

Due to its following, it has also gathered inflated titles that distract from the innumerable benefits the veggie offers. Best is to lightly steam and in this case you negate the goitrogenic effects too. Packed full of vitamins and minerals that include very high levels of vitamin K and an excellent source of vitamin A and C, it also contains various secondary phytochemical nutrients that can have further positive impact on our health.

But like any good product or trend, it too evolves with current trends.

Kale Kult: The Next Big Fad Has Gone Leafy

If supporting healthy skin is also a priority, then kale could be just the tonicas its vitamin C content helps to synthesise the production of collagen.

Omnivores utter its name with the same self-righteousness that accompanies the first week of veganism. Too much of anything can potentially have its drawbacks.

And for some people who have digestive insufficiencies it may be more difficult to digest in its raw state. Does it matter where your kale comes from? It seems that lately a certain leafy green has taken the population by storm and become an icon of Marin county culture.Kale was once regulated to the corner of our dinner plates — you know, the area you never touched!

Well, times have changed! From news stories featuring the leafy vegetable to T-shirts with people proclaiming their love for the super food, kale is more popular than ever. That’s a good thing, because it has several Continue reading Kale: The Rise.

The Epic Rise of Kale. It was this kind of good PR that helped kale ride the media wave past fad to mainstream and not only make a place for itself but raise the bar for other leafy greens to receive their share of attention including collars, turnip greens, beet greens and mustard greens.

Consumption of the leaf continued to rise — data from MyFitnessPal users in showed a % increase in kale consumption over the course of three years.

Each successive New Year’s Day saw skyrocketing sales to match ambitious new fad diets. The Rise of Kale. LENTEIN will be the first to remind our readers to eat our vegetables.

But recently, there’s one veggie that’s taking over the spotlight: Kale. If you’re plugged into the “foodie culture” you’ll find it hard to deny that we have become kale obsessed. Whether it is chips, smoothies, or cakes, there’s nothing this.

The Rise and Rise of Kale. We all know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables. But sometimes, some vegetables are just a bit more intriguing than others. Or, a lot more intriguing, as with the case of kale. If you’re plugged into the foodie culture, you’ll find it hard to deny that we’ve become kale obsessed.

Chips, smoothies, cakes. The Rise of the Kale Chip — Fall Fest from Food Network.

The rise of the fad of kale
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