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Another method of reducing teen accident rates is harsher punishment for those teens that do drink and drive. Another new addition to the rules is the curfew has been changed from Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Having the ability of the youths taken from them merely because of their birth date is not the right thing.

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This is the most effective way of ensuring that most teenage drivers become competent. This kind of fear emanates from the doubts the insurance companies tend to have over the teenager bearing their judgmental abilities.

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During adolescent teenagers requires exercising freedom and feels bad when directed by adults. Running through a yellow traffic light just as it turns red looks cooler than if they were to stop and wait for the next. Another reason why youths should not drive relates to their exposure to strong peer influence.

In terms of eyesight, teenagers have greater eyesight compared to the old experienced drivers. On the contrary, studies have shown that older and more experienced drivers are actually in less danger of causing an accident while carrying passengers.

For instance, a teenager will easily make quick informed decisions as compared to many old and experienced drivers.

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Many teens have to get jobs to pay for their insurance. It is vital to raise the age; however, raising the age is a way of punishing young drivers for the misstakes of very few of their peers. People must accept that not all youthful drivers are behind the numerous accidents on most roads.

This proved successful in lowering the number of teen fatalities involving alcohol. This is why most teens strive to get behind the wheels without considering the consequences that may come with driving. Leaving such individuals to drive is very risky since they will be in their continuous process of learning.

Everyone will agree that teens need the ability to drive just like anyone else. In facts, statistics confirm that accident caused by teen drivers consist the greatest percentage of accidents reported in America.

Zero tolerance laws have proven to actually reduce teen alcohol-related accidents. One study illustrates this by comparing teen accident rates in North Carolina before and after tougher licensing laws: The experience of being a new driver is usually good and many youths enjoy.

To process the complex and numerous messages, teenagers requires a lot of time. Get Access Teenage Driving Essay Sample Teenage driving has become an increasingly controversial topic over the past decade.

Although this system is currently found in nearly all of the states, it is difficult to enforce. Argument against Teenage Driving Teenage driving is not good and there is need to develop legislations that prohibit teenagers from moving cars on the American roads.

The Georgia state legislature should impose tougher laws and regulations on teenage drivers under the age of This is a major blow to many people who believe that teenagers are the wrongful people.

This can result to poor road communication and response that can lead to accidents on the road.Teen age passengers are limited to only one passenger for the first twelve months, and the driver must remain free of any convictions and accidents for at least twelve months in order to be able to move forward to stage three of the system.

% FREE Papers on Why is teenage driving dangerous essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. Teenage drunk driving accidents not only affect the person drinking while driving, but it also can kill or harm others (Alcohol problems and solutions.

(n.d.). Retrieved November 1.

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Sweet sixteen, the day that your teen can apply for a drivers license. It is a wonderful and exciting day for them, but a day that most parents dread to come. Parents want nothing more than a safe, responsible teen driver, and there are laws and monitors that can help them be just that.

As a parent /5(4). Teenage Drivers essaysMajority of people in society tend to stereotype teenage drivers by labelling them as dangerous and the leading cause to accidents on the road.

Unfortunately, this is a very broad and unfair statement considering the fact that not all teenagers are the same.

There are a wide va. College Links College Reviews College Essays College Articles. Magazine; Age of Driving; Age of Driving The amount of accidents with teenage drivers is more than triple that of drivers who.

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