Power and privilege

We Power and privilege the aspects of our identities collectively and simultaneously, not individually. If you were paid less, treated less fairly because of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, take one step back. If you go to a job interview, you are more likely to be interviewed by a white person, as white people are more likely to be in executive positions.

Throughout the privilege walk, the following statements are read by the facilitator and the participants are asked to take a step forward or backward based on their responses. Is eye contact during conversation respectful in every culture?

If your group is large, break into diverse small groups of five or six to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share her or his story. Consider the example of affirmative action policies and programs, which give preference in hiring to minority groups — such as women and people of colour — who have been historically disadvantaged in the job market.

Privilege is the other side of oppression. The white privilege in this example, is the practice of the criminal justice system to overlook or respond less harshly to drug crimes committed by whites, while the corresponding oppressive consequence for people of color is the systematic selection of people of color for arrest, prosecution, and punishment.

It seems to require a leap of faith into an unknown where we reorient our habits of mind, understanding of self, practices of consumption and relationship to the plant and one another.

Boggs, Bill McKibben and many others are calling for a radical transformation in the way we think about who we are and how we live in relationship to one another and the planet.

This privilege reinforces and perpetuates the power imbalance between white people and racialized groups. If you were encouraged to attend college by your parents, take one step forward. If you were taken to art galleries or plays by your parents, take one step forward. These advantages tend to give white people greater access to certain social, political and cultural benefits, such as higher social status and income levels, positions of authority and greater control over decision-making.

A system of white privilege, for example, is white-dominated, which means the default is for white people to occupy positions of power.

Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide

As a result, those of us whose skin is white and whose ethnocultural origins are European have certain automatic, unearned advantages. If your family owned the house where you grew up, take one step forward. Many people think that having privilege means you have had an easy life.

Discussion When everyone has shared, ask participants how it felt to share their stories. But big concepts like privilege are so much more than their basic definitions! We need to understand privilege in the context of power systems.

Power and Privilege: How do we Define?

If you use a TDD Phone system take one step backward. If your parents attended college take one step forward. Being poor does not negate the fact that you, as a white person, are less likely to become the victim of police brutality in most countries around the world, for example.

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

If you were generally able to avoid places that were dangerous, take one step forward. If you have a disability take one step backward. We are more likely to pay attention to the racers in the outside lanes, who have farther to go and need more energy to get there, than to the racers in the inner lanes, who can reach the finish line faster and with less effort.

Privileged people can use their positions to benefit people like themselves — in other words, other privileged people. After the allotted time, ask all participants to sit and open the discussion. This should not be confused with the biological male and female sexes. Everyone will have a chance to share and be heard by the group.

What is a ‘system of privilege’?

To offset disadvantage, we give the racers on the outside a head start. Nobody should be treated as if they are untrustworthy based on their race. You can use these networks to look for a job.

Talk for five to 10 minutes about respect. For many, this definition on its own raises more questions than it answers. If you ever inherited money or property, take one step forward. If you were told that you were beautiful, smart and capable by your parents, take one step forward.

Join feminist and activist communities in order to support those you have privilege over. Both must be changed in the quest for social justice. Are you gender non-conforming?

Describe the Role of Power and Privilege in Equity (1)

She ran out of water halfway through. Ask participants where their ideas of respect come from and whom they are meant to protect.and privilege based on membership in their social group. • Often, this group is called the advantaged group.

Power and Privilege

• We call group who access to social power is limited or denied, the targeted group. A system of privilege—a family, a workplace, a society—is organized around three basic principles: dominance, identification, and centeredness.

A system of white privilege, for example, is white-dominated, which means the default is for white people to occupy positions of power. Gender: Power and Privilege The major feature of the social status of men and women is the dominance of men in virtually every aspect of modern life.

1 WHITE POWER AND PRIVILEGE This session is on the theme of white privilege. GOALS AND ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS SESSION There are two goals for this session. In case you missed my earlier posts in this series, I am raising a series of questions about power and privilege in social change work at the invitation of the “Walk the Talk” zine/book project.

Although McIntosh is speaking here about male privilege, power and advantage can be associated with many different factors, such as race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, ability, socio-economic status and income, religion, age, education and geography.

Power and privilege
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