Ph effects on catecholase activity

Hemin and vitamin K compounds as required factors for the cultivation of certain strains of Bacteroides melaninogenicus. If you use potatoes, peel and chunk them, then blend at a high speed using ml of cold, distilled water.

Introduction to Enzymes

J Can Dent Assoc. The pH of human crevicular fluid measured by a new microanalytical technique. The result showed that the four bacterial isolates maximally utilized the hydrocarbon. The growth was monitored through culture densities, by taking the O.

Total protein concentrations in cell extracts were determined with BSA bovine serum albumin as a standard [ 1112 ]. Aerobic biodegradation of aromatic compounds involves their conversion into dihydroxylated intermediates e. The rising in the incidence of damage and vandalization of pipelines by restive oil communities mostly in the Niger Delta area of the country has resulted into huge problem in these recent years.

Ilaje community, located in the Southern part of Ondo State, closer to the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The Effects of pH on Catechol Oxidase

Degradation of immunoglobulins A2, A2, and G by suspected principal periodontal pathogens. About Catechol Oxidase Catechol is oxidized by catechol oxidase in the presence of oxygen to form benzoquinone, which, on exposure to air, forms melanin.

One unit of the specific activity is defined as the amount of enzyme that converts 1. Filter this potato juice through cheesecloth and refrigerate. Preparation of Crude Cell Extract and Protein Determination After centrifugation at xg, 10min at 4oC, bacterial supernatant were suspended in the lysis buffer 50mM Tris phosphate pH 8.

This may not be the complete list of references from this article. Babajideand B. Determination of Catechol-2,3-Dioxygenase Activity Meta-Cleavage dioxygenase activity was assayed by monitoring the increase in absorbance at the corresponding wavelength of the meta-cleavage product with a DU spectrophotometer Beckman Coulter, Inc.

The contents were mixed by inversion and 0. Selected References These references are in PubMed. INTRODUCTION In Nigeria, the growth and activities of petroleum and petroleum associated industries has led to increased oil pollution in our environment, due to problems arising from petroleum exploration, exploitation, transportation and consumption coupled with poor maintenance of oil pipelines resulting in seepages and ruptures [ 1 ].

Alternatively, blend a banana with water to obtain the catechol oxidase extract. Statistical Analysis The statistical analysis was performed using Microsoft office Excel for calculating mean, standard deviation and standard error.

Effect of environmental pH on enzyme activity and growth of Bacteroides gingivalis W5

Mash a banana with twice the volume of water in a mortar and pestle. Selected characteristics of pathogenic and nonpathogenic strains of Bacteroides gingivalis. Characterization of the Degradation Potential Fig. Bacteria, catechol 2,3-dioxygenase, crude oil, pH, soil and temperature.

Bacteria isolated from the soil sample include; Bacillus cereus, B. Bioremediation on the other hand, is an efficient and cost effective approach to reduce or completely remove the hazardous and toxic organic chemicals from the contaminated environment by microbes which are known for their capabilities of catabolic processes.

Characterization of a trypsin-like protease from the bacterium Bacteroides gingivalis isolated from human dental plaque. In addition, the study aims to evaluate the environmental conditions for the activity of Catechol 2,3-dioxygenase produced by these bacteria and to determine the optima conditions for pH and temperature of the enzyme activity.

Label five test tubes with these pH values. Degradation in vivo of the C3 protein of guinea-pig complement by a pathogenic strain of Bacteroides gingivalis. Locate the peak of this plot and identify the optimum pH for the catechol oxidase reaction. Filter through butter muslin and store in the refrigerator.

Catechol 2,3-dioxygenases are homotetramers and they have been detected from many Gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas, Sphingomonas, Acinetobacter, Burkholderia, and Gram-positive bacteria Nocardia, Rhodococcus and Bacillus strains [ 6 ].

On the other hand, the other bacterial isolates ultilized the hydrocarbon differently with Pseudomonas putida and Achromobacter xylosoxidans having lower growth rate. Abstract Enrichment technique was employed for the isolation of the crude oil degrading bacteria.

The pH of the buffer used in this study was adjusted at 30oC. Therefore, engineering of Catechol 2,3-dioxygenase may be employed for application on bioremediation of polluted sites.

Toxic effects of oil and their products on the soil environment include enhancing hydrophobicity of soils, disturbance of water availability to vegetation, and direct toxicity to plants and microorganisms. Contamination of soils and aquifers by oil spills has been a continual general pollution problem that resulted into desolation of almost all compartments of the environment and thereby inflicting serious health repercussion and ecological instability [ 3 ].

Fill each tube to one-fourth capacity with the respective buffer. The browning that occurs when you cut and expose these items to air is a result of this reaction. Microbial remediation of a hydrocarbon—contaminated site is achieved by the help of a diverse group of microorganisms applying enzymes in their metabolism, especially the indigenous soil bacteria.The Effects of Ph and Concentration Levels on Catecholase Essay Words Oct 23rd, 6 Pages Abstract This lab was performed in order to discover the activity of the enzyme catecholase in different pH levels as well as its absorbance in differently concentrated solutions.

Abstract. Since the pH of the gingival crevice increases from below neutrality in health to above pH 8 in disease, we decided to investigate the effect of environmental pH on the growth and enzyme activity of Bacteroides gingivalis W was highest at neutral pH (7) and showed only 1/3 enzyme activity at pH 11while pH of 1 showed no enzyme activity.

Introduction: Read ). In this lab, we will be studying the effects of temperature, enzyme concentration and pH on the enzyme, hydrogen peroxidase that is found in all aerobic cells and functions to decompose.

Catechol oxidase enzyme has an optimum pH of about 7. About Catechol Oxidase Catechol is oxidized by catechol oxidase in the presence of oxygen to form benzoquinone, which, on exposure to air, forms melanin. The Effect of pH on Function of Catecholase Enzyme in Potato Abstract In biochemical reactions, enzymes activity could be changed based on these factors: concentration of substrates, salt concentration, allosteric regulators, temperature and pH/5(1).

View Lab Report - Biology Lab Report ENZYMES from BIO at Tri-County Technical College. The Effects of pH and Enzyme Concentration on Catecholase Activity Emily Outen Biology June 10,%(11).

Ph effects on catecholase activity
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