Nibco s big bang an sap implementation

The team elected to employ IBM. A distribution center consolidation prior to the ERP Go Live date would therefore reduce both technology costs and implementation complexity. NIBCO memilih pendekatan big bang daripada pendekatan bertahap tahun seperti yang diusulkan oleh perusahaan konsultan karena a.

If we needed hands to key, we went and got them. The selection team also did some benchmarking on implementation approaches and success rates.

Sandbox practice system becomes available. In fact, [Michael] Hammer1 got on the bandwagon about halfway through our project and preached that Big Bangs are death. However, the company leaders chose not to heed the advice of their consultants, or the current trade press, about taking a slower, phased-in approach.

Pimpinan tim adalah orang yang berpengalaman dan kompeten dibidangnya, serta didukung oleh anggota tim dalam mengambil keputusan. And so they went into each little nook and cranny of the company and sorted out whether we really needed to change every system we had.

One of the key conclusions from these endeavors was that the organization could not prosper with its current information systems. When we hired IBM, we hired them with the agreement that they were going to help us to do a Big Bang in the timeframe we wanted.

December 30, Go Live without consultants After initial talks with several consulting firms, top management brought in the Boston Consulting Group BCG in August to help the company develop a strategic information systems plan to meet its new business objectives.

So the project had to be completed on time with a quality result. Business Review roles were filled by business leaders who could make the high-level business process redesign decisions based on their own knowledge and experience, without having to "ask for permission.

It was very exciting from a personal and career standpoint. One was a recommendation to include North America only. Dari sisi waktu, big bang lebih singkat sehingga perusahaan dapat lebih cepat beroperasi dengan sistem baru d.

Nibco's 'big Bang': An Sap Implementation

Dari sisi tingkat pengembalian investasi, semakin efisien waktu dan biaya dalam penerapan sistem akan semakin cepat waktu pengembalian investasi e. Berdasarkan pengamatan tim NIBCO, beberapa perusahaan yang menggunakan pendekatan bertahap disebut go-slow ternyata tidak sukses d.

We considered them critical members of the team, not somebody separate and apart. Jim Davis, Project Co-Lead, Change Management Because there was no back-filling of the jobs held by the project team members, NIBCO associates not on the project team had to take on extra work to sustain normal operations.

Semakin lama tahapan penerapan sistem, semakin besar biayanya. We said all along, from day one, that we expected to become competent with the tools.

IBM consultants were also assigned to each of the five project teams. Because of my facilitation experience, I was asked to facilitate that meeting so that there would be an objective person who had no particular interest or bias to help lead the discussion….

Ini merupakan kesempatan untuk melakukan perubahan manajemen. The project was depicted as a growling tiger with a "break away" motto, symbolizing the need to dramatically break away from the old processes and infrastructure Figure 2.

Gary Wilson, Project Co-Lead, Technology There were several major business risks associated with the project that also would have to be managed. They stayed with us for four or five months into the project so that we could get enough learning from them, couple that with our own internal understanding and then tailor these ideas to the specific ERP change issues.

Kontra -Menimbulkan perbedaan persepsi antar pimpinan proyek sehingga jika tidak cepat diselesaikan dapat menghambat pelaksanaan proyek -Jika salah satu kegiatan dari tiga proses tersebut tidak berjalan sesuai jadual maka dapat menganggu kegiatan di bagian lain, di dalam kasus disebutkan kegiatan konsolidasi pusat distribusi yang terlambat membuat penerapan proyek ditunda.

Power user Akan diisi oleh orang yang mengetahui bagaimana transaksi diproses berdasarkan harian dengan menggunakan sistem yang lama dan mereka dapat mengetahui detail operasi dalam organisasi dan mengetahui permasalahan c. One of the major reasons for the significant increase was the inclusion of change management costs including training that had been missing from the summer budget.

Because the other directors were needed to keep the business running during the project, the remaining Business Review roles were filled with managers who had deep enough business knowledge to identify issues as well as strong enough organizational credibility to settle conflicts as they arose.

Steve Hall, an environmental engineer, was responsible for ensuring that all team members and users received the training they needed. Selain itu, mereka juga diberi fasilitas ruangan yang mendukung untuk brainstorming, serta sarana penghubung seperti pager, email, sehingga mereka tetap dapat terus saling berhubungan satu sama lain.

Six functional consultants would work with the project team throughout the project. Pimpinan dan karyawan NIBCO punya komitmen dan tekad yang kuat untuk melaksanakan penerapan sistem baru b. The new infrastructure would link more than 60 servers and 1, desktop PCs with standardized email and personal productivity tools to a WAN.Unit 6 - Case Study NIBCO’s “Big Bang”: An SAP Implementation Professor: Richard Yellen Student: Vo Ngo Lan Phuong Course: Ham 23 ID: NIBCO's "Big Bang": An SAP Implementation I need this by Tuesday noon time can it happen?

This needs to be between - Answered by a verified Business Tutor. NIBCO brought Boston Consulting Group (BCG) team in and help the company develop a new plan for implementation information system to meet its business need.

BCG suggested that NIBCO should replace its current legacy system, and implemented integrated systems. NIBCO, Inc., a mid-sized manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings headquartered in the U.S. with $ million annual revenues, implemented SAP R/3 across its 10 plants and 4 new distribution centers with a Big Bang approach in December NIBCO management agreed with the Boston Consulting Group recommendation to "cut loose".

Nibco's “big Bang”: An Sap Implementation

I am working on the case study NIBCO's Big Bang: An SAP Implementation. In Julythe ERP selection team recommended to th eELT that NIBCO purchase a single ERP system: SAP R/3. I need help with the following discussion.

NIBCO, Inc., a mid-sized manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings headquartered in the U.S. with $ million annual revenues, implemented SAP R/3 across its 10 plants and 4 new distribution centers with a Big Bang approach in December NIBCO management agreed with the Boston Consulting Group.

Nibco s big bang an sap implementation
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