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There are several aspects to analyzing handwriting that you learn when you join Handwriting analysis course. We analyse writing to judge strength and weaknesses of a person,signature verification and rectification for strengthening personality and occupation, We give Career counselling to the students by analysing handwriting.

It requires a detailed analysis for handwriting analyst to do a justice to this science, since your writing can also reveal the degree to which you have these personality traits. The steam of science behind analyzing writing patters is called Graphology.

Handwriting Analysis Course in India

We train the professionals to cope with occupational stress. If you are sad, depressed, or concentrating, your writing probably shrinks and slants upright.

Today, there are plenty of schools and institutes that teach the art and science of handwriting analysis. According to Wikipedia- Graphology is the pseudoscientific study and analysis of handwriting specially in relation to human psychology.

On the other hand, some are more superficial and can change with circumstances. Every child in the class used the same copybook to start learning and practicing how to write. Our Handwriting analysis and Graphotherapy also covers identification and healing of different problems such as: We judge compatibility handwriting analysis courses in kolkata between life partner,between colleagues or business partners.

This involves specific stroke structures that might reveal personality traits, creating profile involving form, movement and space and finally analyzing handwriting through some specific symbols. Courses we offer are highly recommended. Major stressor and common lifestyle in developing Polycystic Ovarian Cyst For example, if you are excited or angry, your writing is more likely to grow in size and slant more to the right.

Variation in the rate of rhythmic handwriting: Handwriting analysis is… helping individuals to discover their true self, helping couples to understand and make strong n long lasting relationship, helping parents to know the weakness and hidden talents of their child, helping corporates to get right candidate and make a strong team to give excellent results.

It is claimed that expert Graphologist can diagnose complicated diseases of brain and human nervous system through their analysis.

Handwriting can provide an accurate picture of the core personality of the writer in general. Submitted by Sugandha Mishra, Dept. Fingerprints identify the physical body whereas the handwriting reveals personality traits of the person.

Each healing session is designed to meet an individual healing needs.

Mind Zone Institute of Graphology & Personal Development (Kolkata)

Our mission is to make aware each one on this earth about their abilities and to contribute on our part for beautiful place to livein. The waywe learn to write in school is standard.

By the time we grow up, we choose to do things differently then the teacher taught us. Courses are certified and comprehensive manual and support after the completion of course is provided.

There are said to be more than 2, variables in handwriting. But the reality remains that this practice is quite popular in world and people have claimed to be benefited by this. Sometimes it is also possible to obtain some remarkably specific insights.

Search for topics Handwriting Analysis Course in India It is a well known fact that no two people have the same thumb impression and this has been used widely by crime scene investigators.

Graphology is generally considered both an art and a science. Just like the fingerprints, handwriting of each individual is unique in itself. The art of Graphology is in the interpretation of the measurements and other, more intuitive, assessments of the overall writing picture.

Main focus of each healing session is to focus on the vital energy flow through the energy centers of our physical body to enhance the immunity power. The graphologist cannot tell age,race, religion, or which hand the writer uses. It reveals a lot be it leadership ability, enthusiasm, creativity, imagination, drive, trustworthiness to name a few.

It is to be noted here that the study materials and notes we provide in both the courses are well researched and effective with high level of accuracy. The scientific part comes from measuring many aspects of the handwriting.Our Handwriting analysis and Graphotherapy also covers identification and healing of different problems such as: depression, anxiety,obsession,trauma,suicidal tendency,bi-polarity, aggression, anger, adolescent problems and the various possible existence of psychosomatic irregularities.

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Students’ Handwriting Improvement for good performance in exams Signature analysis and signature style to develop a BRAND value Parenting style of you: that helps you to enhance the skill of your child. Kaurs Holistic Healing- JK Services in Golf Residency, Kolkata offering Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting Expert, Writing Analysis.

Get contact details, address, map on IndiaMART. I always wanted to do a course on Handwriting Analysis, and what better teacher than Mohan Sir himse lf. The knowledge I have gained since my course started is irreplaceable and incomparable. The knowledge I have gained since my course started is irreplaceable and incomparable.5/5(40).

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Handwriting analysis courses in kolkata
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