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Google's Strategy in 2012 - Case Study Example

Some well-known motivation theories are as follows: Google provide lots of benefits to it employees which mostly includes to buy Google shares, it give choice to the employee to choice the best suitable medical program for him, and it also understands the problems of the employees and give the medical leaves to the them.

Google is the largest information providing company in the world it is because of there new innovations in their products so Google always give respect to the new and some creative and innovative ideas from there employees and also provide financial and non finical rewards to the employees on their ideas.

Nick Forster from chapter 4 page Payment method should be very clear and good. And the workplace in which he works. Google has its office all around the world so it does not matter that where you live.

Good leaders always encourage their teams in the time of crises and always keep them motivated if any thing goes wrong and same is done in case of Google.

Therefore, leaders in the Google have to manage different teams and the quality of the work that different teams are doing at the same time of same task. Nick Forster from chapter 4 page Selection criteria should be smooth and be adopted as after spending good amount of money on the selection process Google wants that chosen individuals are those people which are absolutely fit for the job.

Its products are being used by almost every country of the world and by all types of people from an ordinary student to a PhD student so its ideas really matters in the world.

Google takes its every employee important at work place. Various other principles that mark boundary of motivation include, Job security Sense of involvement with company Personal development learning Working for a successful company Variety at work. Google pays well to its employees and spend a great amount of its income to its employees.

It now also deals in mobile segment, various desktop applications, and preparing for Operating System. If the pace at which Google is progressing is analyzed, it would be found that it has made remarkable progress since its commencement.

This firm consists of many departments and many groups and different teams to perform different task at the same times. Google provides the good amount of salary and also bonus to their employees. Always treat your all employees in good and intelligent way, if they perform well then give them some rewards and appreciate their good work.

The two major types of motivation that are adopted by Google include psychological motivation, and financial economic motivation. It also provides opportunity to its employees to earn more and more with their skill and innovation and hard work.

Employee motivation and empowerment is the most important aspect in the performance of any company. It will give the sense of ownership to the employees and always open some ways to earn more and more in effective way so that the employees should work hard to their abilities.

Google was so far confined till various dimensions of technological advancement, but now it has diversified its functioning in order to make sure that it does not suffer losses if one of the dimensions faces a downward slope. If you are talented enough for working with Google then you can join Google to the nearest office by you.

As in all other companies, in Google also the leaders or the top managers set the goals and then all teams work hard to achieve those goals. They usually promote the team work because it has been realized that a team can perform better then an individual.

Leaders have to think at upper level, thus there vision should be not limited in an organization like Google. It is ranked 3rd in Fortune list in a time span of just 13 years. This provides a sense of ownership in the minds of Google employees so employees put their best effect for the Google.

A few years back it has expanded its business by buying www. Always spend some money for the education and more skill development for your employees so that the employee should know the new market trends and work according to the new standards.

It also provide its employees with extreme flexibility in terms of both working hours and working environment to make sure that creativity does not get suppressed. Nick Forster from chapter 4 page Psychological motivation This type of motivation is done on a regular basis as financial motivation can not be done on a frequent basis due to several constraints under which upper organization operates.

This system is highly flexible in Google and varies in accordance to the echelon at which its implication is being made. Google has as complete work culture within its work place.

When a comparative analysis of Google is performed with any other organization, it is observed it provide far more employee friendly environment to its employees, which had been acting as a prime reason for employee motivation over the years.

They control and provide right directions to their employees at every required step so as to ensure that all the efforts are being initiated in the right directions. There may be certain exceptions that Google may come across during its functionality, but on a general basis, it is one of the common activities that are being followed by many other organizations.

Google also provide free lunch to the employees at the work place. If a company like Google has a good reputation regarding with the employees then it will encourage the most brilliant people to come and join your organization. There is also an obligation that leaders and managers should be highly efficient as well as effective in their work so that they are not making any delay or there is no wastage of time in this particular activity.

Nick Forster from Page 21 Usually there are no set of rules for the company which make it a perfect company, leader keep a sharp watch on every event which has been happening and make changes in the soft rule of the company time to time in Google.

Google was basically initiated as a search engine which was extended to social networking website and various other types of online services that are being utilized by major section of the internet users.Let us write or edit the case study on your topic "Google's Strategy in " with a personal 20% discount.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Without disrupting their users' web surfing experience for advertisers, profitable ad industry, Google's advertising policies are also beneficial. Google also has adopted the culture of host country which is really beneficial for it. Related Documents: Google's Organizational Culture Essay examples Essay on Organizational CultureAnalysis how organizational culture impact on the performance of a business Definition; Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Googles Recruitment And Selection Process Commerce Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The academic qualifications and the intensive job experience just came in as second priorities of the company in choosing the best candidates for any open positions.

intelligently analyzing case studies and brain teasers and solving. Google's Vision and Mission Section 1: Google Case Study Google's Vision and Mission: In Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founder of google) were both students at Stanford computer science.

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Googles country experience case study essay
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