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Also, the government could focus its resources on the causes of crime, which Est model essays lead to less crime in the future.

Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime. Write at least words. It has to be something new. In addition to this, longer prison sentences will act as a deterrent for someone who is thinking of committing a crime.

That said, long prison sentences should remain for those who commit serious crimes such as assault or murder, as justice for the victim and their family should take priority. Although many people believe that the best way to tackle this is to place people in prison for longer periods, others are of the opinion that other measures will be more effective.

The bacteria are more effective and multiply much faster in warmer temperatures compared to cold temperatures. This phenomenon is called Global Warming. Global warming is also effecting the crop production, as the crops are getting destroyed by the sudden change in temperatures or sudden on set of rains.

Also the flash floods and other natural calamities affect the crop. Write about the following topic: This has affected the animals and made them to change their lifestyle accordingly, and those who failed to do so have perished or on the verge of extinction.

The main culprits in the issue are excessive discharge of green house gases in the atmosphere. As with the previous essay, there are two opinions, and you must discuss each one and your opinion must also be given.

Firstly, spending a long time in prison provides an opportunity for the prison services to rehabilitate a prisoner. Also there is a change in their life style because of the changes in the seasons. Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. For example, someone who has committed a serious offence such as assault will need a long time in prison in order to be sure they can be re-educated not to re-offend.

This rise in temperature is attributed to the effects of global warming brought about by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Some animals have become extinct due to loss of their natural habitat or their inability to evolve to the rapid changes in the climate.

In the previous essay, the writers opinion was given in the conclusion. There are benefits of giving offenders longer prison sentences. One alternative is community service. The months of rainfall has also getting affected.


Many countries have lengthy prison sentences, but crime has continued to increase throughout the world, so it is clear that this is not completely effective. But there are some people on the other side of the wall also, they believe that the global warming is a natural process and cannot disturb our ecosystem.

The effect of global warming can be felt on seasons too.Top College Essays; Top Successful College Essays. Get into the college of your dreams! We hope these essays inspire you as you write your own personal statement.

Just remember to be original and creative as you share your story. Suddenly I was struck (by an idea): could an electronic hardware model of t Read more. From. Model Essays Band 9 by Dominic Cole (PDF) provides a collection of model essays written by Dominic Cole – an excellent IELTS teachers.

My Role Model Essay Examples. 17 total results. The Contributions of My Grandma to Her Community. words. 2 pages. Why I Would Like to Have Lunch With Maya Angelou. words.

1 page. My Mother is My Role Model. words. 1 page. Why My Sister is My Role Model. 1, words. 3 pages. My Father, My Role Model. words.

Model Essays Band 9 by Dominic Cole (PDF)

The authors of these 12 essays include famous writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, and E.

B. White. 12 Classic Essays By Twain, Woolf, Orwell, and More Search the site GO. Mar 08,  · To be frank, I had never written an EST essay before (besides the one I wrote during the real exam 😂).

But what I do have is some past year essays, SPM EST (English For Science And Technology) A Brief Introduction To EST By Kenneth Raj Samuel; Recent Comments. NATIONAL 5 CRITICAL ESSAY EXEMPLAR – ‘DULCE ET DECORUM EST’ Answers to questions on Poetry should refer to the text and to such relevant features as word choice, tone, imagery, structure, content, rhythm, rhyme, theme, sound, ideas.

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