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These theories do not act alone, that is, a not one of the above theories can be labeled as a definite cause of divorce, but when all three are examined together, a formula for divorce can be seen.

Indeed, inthe government suppressed textbooks that reported the high divorce rates of the past. To make matters worse, the legal framework for solving child support disputes is totally inadequate and requires an inordinate amount of time and money.

There was also a change in the way welfare is distributed: It is this stress that leads to many splits; therefore one can presume that individualism correlates with divorce.

The points listed above are solid arguments to support the fact that divorce rates do correlate with the feminist movement. Divorce may rise after a change in law in Feminist theory taught women that they did not need to depend on men for emotional support, financial support, or even to give them status in society, rather, feminist theory taught independence.

The divorce rate is not as low as it is believed. However, if both parties do not agree to divorce, things can get very messy.

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Indeed, after the divorce, usually children are under the care of their mothers, and the parental rights of the father are inexistent. Those are the two of the main reason why people do not seek to divorce in Japan, the difficulty of getting a divorce if there is no agreement, and the cost of rising children.

Why Is the Divorce Rate so Low in Japan?

This theory can also be linked to divorce rates in the sense that if you are focused on making a career work, then it becomes more difficult to provide the focus it takes to make a marriage work. People are just giving up on marriage because it has become less important to them than economical status.

S, compared with other industrialized country, it is an average rate. Even spouse testing was accepted inside the ociety. This can cause many problems as dual income situations may remove comfort areas of a relationship and, by doing this, a more stressful situation is created, which may eventually lead to divorce.

According to Japan Civil Code Articlethere are five grounds for unilateral divorce: Assets, possessions, or property are divided up either informally or through the legal community. Thus, most divorces occurred in the early stages of marriage.

In the 19th century and before, it was fairly common for people to try marriage and to divorce if necessary. This is the idea that more families are converting to a dual-income household; that is; both partners in marriage are working and pursuing separate careers.

Along with individualism has come a need for personal happiness. Under the current system, divorced wives are only granted a basic pension of no more than 66, yen a month. Indeed, between andthe divorce rate of Japan has never been higher than 1.

The same can be said for dual income families. Though men appear blissfully unaware of the danger, Ikeuchi said many housewives, especially those over 50, are waiting patiently for the new rules to take effect.

The rise in divorce can not be, and should not be, attributed to a single theory, but rather the rise in divorce rates can be linked to all three, and one can see that these theories act collectively, as opposed to individually to cause the dramatic spike in divorce rates.

This idea, again, shows the way that feminist theory has attributed to the divorce rates. The fact that divorce can be so difficult in certain case leads people to seek legal separation instead of actual divorce.

Remarriage was also normal for women and men.

She believes many unhappy spouses have been biding their time sincewhen discussions on changes to the pension system began. Men have just recently begun learning about the new law that divides their employee pensions, but housewives have been aware of the change since around Here things begin to pinch.

Even though the American divorce rate has been declining in recent years, it is still extremely high compared with all European countries as the figure 1. The need for dual income families has, indeed, shifted mentalities to economics, rather than marriage or love, and this can impact on existing marriages.The Divorce rate is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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Words 5 Pages. It is important to have communication with each other because the more communication is used, the lower the divorce rates will become. Additionally, another well-known cause of divorce is lack of trust. While you are living with a person.

About 40% of couples with children get a divorce while 66% of couples without children get a divorce (Divorce Statistics). Every year an average of 1 million divorces occur in the United States, and women initiate the divorce 65% of the time.

Marriage and Divorce Essay examples Latrina Longmire APA Theo D07 Essay on Anthropology: Marriage and Divorce Marriage is a sacred vow between a man and a woman and the Bible gives us guidance.

Divorce has become much more common in the recent years and it is estimated that the divorce rate is forty to fifty percent for first marriages and sixty percent for second marriages,which in turn means more children come from divorced families.

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