Csr in bp and ctp

Shortly after the speech, the first critism arose. Significance progress has been made as it worked it partnership with NGOs, various levels of governments, local communities and its various stakeholders. BP had chosen to stop injecting its pipelines with a corrosion inhibitor as a cost savings measure.

Basic ethical obligations in such a business would include things like: With local economies, it has focused on the rejuvenation of their economy through focus on tourism and seafood.

BP had a terrible fire at its Texas Refinery in Businesses must accept that in many cases the enterprise must surpass regulations and political priorities to drive best practice. The spill continued until it was finally sealed on Sept 10, It was a speech that a lot of people were hoping it would make a big change in the way the government has dealt so far with the ongoing disaster.

In short, BP has been a long-standing leader in the development of the "nuts and bolts" for a strong sustainability program. That CSR is misused as a marketing ploy happens more often than most would like. The devastation to the area would take at least ten years to heal.

More advanced reporters still, by and large, rely on perceptions of importance driven directly or indirectly from media coverage to determine which issues should be managed and communicated. The cause of the spill was similar to the issues that had cased the deaths of fifteen workers in Texas.

But even had no one been killed or even hurt during the blowout, a question of social responsibility would remain.

For the most part companies have surrounded themselves with crisis-management teams and public-relations hired guns to deal with their short-term problems. How did these corporations deal with the crises?

For example, it appears that BP and its suppliers were cutting corners with regard to health and safety, but the BP Sustainability Report and all of the other oil and gas majors claim to have robust health and safety controls through the group-wide operating management systems.

The consensus was that BP was not focusing on safety and quality. Budget cuts in the areas of quality and safety resulted in both disasters. Experts must get smarter about how to assess reports and provide informed opinions on whether the companies are living up to the rhetoric in the reports.

Socially Responsible investors showed true fiduciary responsibility to their pensioners and their investors.

This website shows you how your home would look like, if the oil spill would be were you live. BP is an international oil company. The cost and manpower associated with investigations, criminal and civil lawsuits as well as divestitures as been high.

Understand the environmental implications of our resource usage and choices. Two Tomorrows is a global sustainability consulting firm with services in communication, strategy development and implementation, training and assurance.

So many people think that Social Responsible Investment is about doing good. The reality is that Social Responsible Investment is about fiduciary responsibility.

The president did not stop there.

This type of risk is too great for fiduciaries who must be able to pay pensioners. Why is this important? We CSR practitioners should be asking ourselves some important questions in light of these conflicting results: BP has not had the opportunity to do anything more than stay alive.

This is a comment by a BBC reporter: Socially Responsible Investors demanded answers. Pension funds have announced that they will invest in a socially responsible manner to mitigate financial responsibility. The actions of a company affect the performance of its people and the performance of its processes.

Lessons for the CSR Industry from the Deepwater Horizon Spill

Around the millennium, BP pioneered the oil and gas sector through its "Beyond Petroleum" communications platform anchored by public commitments to alternate energy development, community engagement and development and robust management systems for social and environmental protection.

Neither of these methods could possibly have identified the problems that led to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill. At this point, many Socially Responsible Investors divested their holdings.

So the question of CSR has to do with the extent to which a company is responsible for those effects, and maybe the extent to which companies have an obligation not just to avoid social harms or risks but to contribute socially beyond making a product people value. In the course of doing business, BP interacts with a huge range of individuals and organizations, and those interactions bring with them ethical obligations.

The alternative, relying entirely on government to control industry, ignores the inherent political biases of lawmakers and the fact that government agencies are frequently bound by the same competing priorities of revenue allowing business activities to generate taxes, fees, etc vs.As some case studies such as their planting of trees in Brazil and Scotland and their monitoring of marine life in the Caspian Sea illustrate, BP does indeed seem to abide by their own sustainability and corporate social responsibility promises (BP,Online).

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability data for Caxton Ctp Publish Print, Newspaper, Periodical, & Book Publishers and South Africa. Environment 54 Employees 65.

Shareholders sent letters asking for an explanation and clarification on BP`s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. BP`s answers focused on short term financial performance. InBP`s Prudhoe Bay operations in Alaska had one of the largest oil spills in Alaska`s history.

BP's Corporate Social Irresponsibility. COMMENTARY Environment. BP's Corporate Social Irresponsibility. Jul 28th, 3 min read.

BP – The Cost of Ignoring Corporate Social Responsibility

And what of BP’s erstwhile CSR. BP Plc. is an energy company, providing fuel, energy, retail services, and petrochemicals products. The Company’s operations also include drilling and refining oil. Headquartered in London, England, BP owns more than 15 refineries and has exploration activities in over 30 countries worldwide.

The shift to electric vehicles will take time to have an impact on fuel and lubricants demand. At BP, we have a team focused on emerging mobility models and we are actively pursuing options. This, along with our innovations in products, makes us well-positioned to .

Csr in bp and ctp
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