Challenges of preserving oral traditions

These teachers did not have the right to change the message just because it was not yet in written form. CD-R is a successful technology that has proven its reliability over period of time, but it should be viewed with caution for long term storage as the media is easily scratched.

It should be obvious how important this topic is. These programs are aimed at educating future oral historians on key issues relating to oral history, such as preservation. Please improve the article by adding information on neglected viewpoints, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

Make sure transcriptions are created on acid-free paper. There are a few basic rules for paper transcript preservation of your oral history collection: This is a highly debated subject matter, due to increasing technology and funding.

The Oral Tradition of Preserving Culture & Tradition in Africa

Whether oral or written, and though certainly the personality, experience, objective and target audience of the inspired revelator would come through, this message was not the result of the personal interpretation of the inspired writer or speaker.

A CD-R by contrast can only hold 76 minutes of uncompressed audio. May Recordable compact discs are commonly used over magnetic tape for the preservation of oral histories over a long period of time. May This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints.

Oral tradition

They needed several generations for their hypothesis to work, but they simply did not have it. But this is not to say that the oral traditions were not used in the writings. This line of skepticism was dealt a fatal blow.

Often the Griots use Jaliya too as a means of communication. If not, you were considered ignorant, and nobody wants to be thought of in that light!

Users sign this document before listening to Challenges of preserving oral traditions oral history recording in order to demonstrate that they understand and have agreed to the usage restrictions put in place by the institution. Later in Acts we read of a severe persecution that rose up against the church at Jerusalem after the murder of Stephen.

As the inspired texts that would become the New Testament were being written, there would be an increasing dependence upon the writings.All the importance and challenges of Oral Traditions among Basarwa are covered in this project, making it a basic text for Basarwa tribe whom would want to preserve their Oral Traditions and overcome all challenges they are faced with in preserving Oral Traditions amongst themselves.

BRIEF EXPLANATION OF REQUIREMENTS OF RESEARCHING AND WRITING. Oral Tradition is an Important Resource of History in Africa - History of our ancestors and the society they lived in was usually remembered by people and kept alive by word of mouth.

In most ancient societies including those of Africa, legacies, culture and traditions were passed from one generation to other by this ‘Oral Tradition’. Oral tradition, or oral lore, is a form of human communication wherein knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved and transmitted orally from one generation to another.

[1] [2] [3] The transmission is through speech or song and may include folktales, ballads, chants, prose or verses. Somali Language and Oral Tradition in Post-conflict Life in the US: They fear that the Somali language and oral traditions might be lost if attempts are not made to preserve them.

Specifically, the authors examine the efforts to and challenges of preserving the language and oral traditions in a post-conflict setting. The article concludes. Oral tradition is a means through which a society‘s history, culture, religious beliefs, etc., are passed down from generation to generation.

Wilson (), in an online article makes this clearer with the statement below: For the African people, oral tradition is linked to their way of life. One can assume if it is considered safe by the Library of Congress it is a relatively safe method of preservation.

A huge challenge of oral history preservation today is the battle with digital obsolescence. There is an obvious link between oral history preservation and digital preservation. Oral histories are often recorded on an assortment of tapes which are ultimately transferred onto computerized, or .

Challenges of preserving oral traditions
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