Book report the story of frankenstein

When Victor lands on a shore among Irish people, they accuse him of murdering Henry, who has been found dead. Victor is as much of a monster as the thing he created. The monster wanders the countryside while Victor seeks solace in a tavern near the university. The first monster swears to avenge.

Revenge is a very common theme in novels. In the beginning of the novel, Captain Walton is writing letters to his sister in order to inform her about the things he had encountered on his voyage.

From the notes, the monster learns of his creation. Therefore he abandons it but the monster escapes and survives. In both stories, life was given to self-made bodies.

Frankenstein Book Report

Both novels show men striving to know more and disregarding commonsense. Like Prometheus, Frankenstein wants to create his own species that would be of a wonderful and happy existence. They portray that society feels indifferent to people who are not like them.

He is enlightening Captain Walton by telling him his sad and painful story of his past.

Analytic Book Report on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Victor tells him that he first has to go to England. In fact, two of the people the monster killed consisted of a naive child and an innocent woman. The monster is speaking to Frankenstein earnestly. Victor has another best friend, Henry Clerval. He finishes his story just as he started it; he continues to write to his sister telling her about his thoughts and feelings of Victor Frankenstein and his monster.

Some type of supernatural occurrences should be somewhere in the story. His family adopted needy orphans. But he tricked Zeus. With nothing else to do, he writes letters to his sister back in England. Victor knows who the killer is but cannot tell his family or the police.

He chases the monster in the Northern ice, but gets stuck on breaking ice. Frankenstein begins the work, then changes his mind and destroys it. He found a family, and living hidden outside their cottage, he came to learn customs and speech.

But the monster says it has undergone a more miseries than anyone else. The elements of a gothic novel can be extensive, but they all are mainly the same in some shape or form.

In Gothic novels there are usually horrific elements of terror. Make me happy and I shall again be virtuous. After bringing the creature to life, Victor feels guilty that he has brought a new life into the world with no provisions for taking care of the " monster.

Victor narrates the he spent his childhood in Switzerland. He comes across Clerval on the way to England. The monster is asking Frankenstein for one favor so he may be accepted. One night, he discovers the secret of life.

Mary Shelley had four children throughout her life. When Victor comes to know that the victim is Clerval, he loses his senses and remains in the state for two months.

The monster in Frankenstein sets up an element typically seen in Romantic novels when he threatens Victor by telling him he will be with him on his wedding night.

When he ran across William, he killed the boy out of revenge. Frankenstein is sent to the University of Ingolstadt, where he studies natural philosophy and chemistry. Robert Walton sends another string of letters to his sister. On the night of his wedding, the monster murders Elizabeth.Frankenstein study guide contains a biography of Mary Shelley, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Frankenstein Book Report I. Author and Author Background 1.) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was born on August 30,and died February 1,at the age of fifty-four. Frankenstein book comprises of more or less pages of statdard size. Frankenstein Novel Setting (Time & Place) In the novel, the 18th century was shown and the places depicted were Geneva, the Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, England, Scotland and the northern ice.

The second part of the book is a detailed discussion of the Frankenstein films, with a special focus on the two strains which ultimately emerged - the Universal and the Hammer films. The book is well written and Tropp has a great eye for detail in his descriptions of the films.4/5(1). The book, Frankenstein, was completed almost a year after their trip to Switzerland.


Shortly after the trip to Switzerland, Percy Shelley's pregnant wife committed suicide. Mary and Percy married soon thereafter, inbut Mary's life was marked by death and tragedy. Frankenstein is the story about an overly ambitious man, Dr. Frankenstein, who seeks out and finds the secret of creating life.

After he creates the monster, however.

Book report the story of frankenstein
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