A comparison of jim casy and jesus christ

Casy desperately wanted to give his people some hope and spirit that would allow them to look towards a brighter future.

The Comparison and Similarities: Jesus Christ and Socrates Essay

His message, however, remained alive and touched the hearts of many of the Okies. Both of them had taught the people that life is easy, if we pursue and worked hard for it to be. Steinbeck manages to give Jim Casey the exact initials as the historical savior J.

Therefore, he took every opportunity he could to help. The fact that His words are used for religious purposes really counts, but regardless of this, His teachings truly can help.

Their teachings are passed down generations to generations, and are now used to make a better and wiser living. His beliefs and ideas provide hope and strength for those in need. Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ in order to show that people working together will give them hope and strength.

In this story, Casey represents a latter-day Christ figure who longs to bring religious stability to the burgeon of migrant families facing West. There are hundreds of philosophers who had tried to help all the people how to live better. Jim Casy is a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Jim Casy fought for his people till death. Yet another similarity between Jim Casey and Jesus Christ can be seen when Casey decides to venture off and join a union group in order to prevent strike wages from falling even farther. One of the many ways Casy reaches out to people is by taking the blame and going to jail instead of Tom.

But in the end of the day, their lives are still on their own hands How to cite this page Choose cite format: By working together, the migrants managed to keep reasonable wages for their work. Being different people and living on different periods of time, their teachings might be in great harmony, but there never exactly the same.

He was able to make Tom realize the importance of a community during desperate times. He introduce to us how to repent and admit all our sins, thus, making us clean and worth loving by the Lord God. He was then instantly put in the danger of going back to prison. Jim Casy selflessly offers to take the blame and go to jail instead of Tom so that Tom would be able to lead the family.

Because He had sacrificed Himself to save everyone in their sins, people had Glorified Him more. He organized a group of migrants to picket outside a peach picking camp. One of the many similarities between Casey and Christ is that Casey had also drifted out to the forests in order to "soul-search" and discover the answers to sometimes hidden questions.

They are both the greatest teacher and philosopher that had lived indeed.

Grapes of Wrath - Jim Casey as a Christ Figure

He deals greatly on how people will give solutions on different problems in every aspect of their lives. He believed that every person was just one piece of a universal soul and that people could only be holy if they were united.

If Socrates had never existed, maybe there are millions of problems that will never be answered, and people will just base on baseless superstitions and hearsays.

Steinbeck sends the message that people must always look towards a brighter future and stick together. And if Jesus Christ had never lived, maybe we will never be aware of all our sins and we will be disgustful to the eyes of the Lord God, unconsciously.

By doing so, Tom was able to carry on with his journey and guide his family as well. He has several similarities with Jesus Christ in his life and even in his death. In addition, there were many people who wanted to follow Christ and his quest, yet they declined due to fear of persecution, just as the migrant workers feared an upset of government retaliation against trouble-makers or "reds".

He is used to give his fellow people hope and strength by working together. This represents the event of Jesus Christ and his faithful disciples, traveling with him in an effort to spread their beliefs throughout the people as a whole.

Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ in order to emphasize the importance of unity in a community and also to give people enough hope and strength to allow them to carry on.

Though Tom was just one person, he was sure that his people would soon get his message. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Tom Joad, who already committed the crime of breaking his parole and leaving Oklahoma, knocked out a deputy.

One such character is that of Jim Casey, a former preacher and long-time friend of the Joads. Even though he knew the risks of going to jail if there was ever a leader, he still did not stop fighting for his people. Hire Writer His philosophical teachings can be found and read through the Holy bible, the best selling book of all time.

This gave people the incentive to start working together and relying on each other. Due to the fact that His teachings are used for religious purposes, He had never been untimely, and all His words are passed generations to generations.Jim Casy is used to represent Jesus Christ, and to give the people going through a hard time a glimpse of hope and strength.

Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ. The first notable comparison between them would be their initials. Home The Grapes of Wrath Q & A How does Jim Casey's behavior li The Grapes of Wrath How does Jim Casey's behavior liken him (Make him similar) to Jesus Christ? How does Jim Casey's behavior liken him (Make him similar) to Jesus Christ?

Jim Casy is the moral spokesman of the novel and is often considered a Christ-figure. The initials of his name, J.C., are the same as Jesus Christ, and like Christ, he wanders in the wilderness. In Christ-like fashion, Casy sacrifices himself when he turns himself in to save Tom after an altercation with a deputy.

-Jesus Christ. Rose of Sharon-Sister of Tom, careful, pregnant Jim Casy appears in chapter 4 and compare himself to the turtle.

How does he feel like he's like the turtle? himself as a former "burningbusher." What scene does Jim Casey remind you of from Huckleberry Finn? How is the tone in Grapes of Wrath different from the tone of. Grapes of Wrath - Jim Casey as a Christ Figure Uploaded by Quest4Glory on Jul 05, In the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck brings to the reader a.

A) Jim Casy. Edit 0 12 Initials of his name: Jim Casy's initials are J.C., which can be portrayed as Jesus Christ.

In the story, many events portray Casy as being a figure of Christ. Being a preacher in his hometown, while also aiding those in need added to how people viewed him. Just as Christ had sacrificed himself for the people, Casy.

A comparison of jim casy and jesus christ
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